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Security Monitoring

Security monitoring consists of collection, analysis and escalation of warnings to detect the intrusions and respond accordingly. The aggressive and creative hackers continue to push the threat world into new areas and the cyber security threat landscape too evolves on continuous basis with the innovative methods so that they can adapt to the environment chosen. Risks caused to an organization because of cyber security incidents are real and cause serious damages to the reputation or performance in particular. The best method to deal with these incidents is to record cyber security related events and their monitoring on continuous basis. Many companies even today have insufficient logging, archiving and simulation capacities and this is generally because of insufficient knowledge and unawareness about their implementation.

The cyber criminals innovate in the same way as businesses do and with it the use of cyberspace grows. The cyber criminals have access to powerful capabilities which are used by them so as to identify and attack the target. Attackers undertake a series of attacks so that something fruitful can come out and sometimes it can take more time than usual. Log files and alerts often provide audit trail to identify contravene in cyber security and it can also lead to the detection of some important activities that can cause cyber security incidents.

Almost all companies are facing the struggle of finding and addressing indicators of security incidents in an efficient manner as the growing number of such attacks is causing huge impact. Big organizations do have experts who work to know about the security threats but small organizations need help from expert sources for the same. Even though larger organizations are capable enough but they still must consider employing the services of third party professional security providers at least for the critical activities. The professional services also help companies in performing advanced data analytics, investigating security attacks at the advance level and providing situational awareness to the companies. Companies will have various benefits if they procure cyber security monitoring and logging services from external professional company which employs highly technical and competent professionals.

Cyber security event logging must consist of setting policy, roles, responsibilities and reporting about a potential attack. It must also help in identifying business applications and technical infrastructure systems on which event logging is enabled. It does time to time tuning and review for reducing false positives to the level that is acceptable. It also does analysis of security event logs and protects them.

Companies must establish security related logging standards and procedures, configure systems that can record and monitor records related to these events, effectively respond to the alerts and actually aggregate the alert which seems as a security threat, make appropriate logs and retain them as per the retention standards and procedures. The cyber security monitoring related events must be kept enabled and protected from unauthorized access, modification or overwriting. It must be configured in a way such that when event logs reach to the maximum size, system does not stop due to the lack of space.